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Hardcat originally began life in 1981 when Managing Director Dan Drum launched a revolutionary new software application called DFMD to monitor computer equipment breakdowns and the companies on the market. By the mid 1980’s, Mr. Drum had noticed his clients shared a common problem in not being able to properly track other important asset information, such as financial, service and warranty details on their growing fleets of PCs and other equipment. Quite simply, there was nothing on the market that could adequately do the job. Mr. Drum set about creating a system that would act as a ‘Hardware Catalogue’, tracking all necessary information with assets. “Hardcat”, was released in 1986 and was an instant hit, allowing companies to save small fortunes through tighter asset control.

Hardcat was quickly developed to handle not only IT assets, but all fixed assets, be they plant and equipment, furniture and fittings, land and buildings, e.t.c. It pioneered the use of barcode asset tracking, which cut the time and cost of physical asset auditing to a fraction of that taken with manual techniques. The product was expanded to include different areas of operations, such as depreciation/ finance, help desk, purchasing/budgeting. The success of Hardcat both at home and abroad was such that within four years, Mr. Drum had set up a second Hardcat office in London to handle the growing UK and European markets, and began to appoint distributors throughout Asia, Australia, Africa and America.

During the 1990s, Hardcat steadily enhanced the product, adding more features, moving to a user-friendly windows interface with client server technology allowing multi-user access over both local and wide area networks, and releasing an ODBC version to allow easy integration with other “best of breed” systems. By the end of the decade, Hardcat had over 1,500 clients worldwide in all fields of private and public sector operation, from NATO war zones to Azerbaijani Oil fields, from the Sydney Opera House to Harrods in London, from Barclay’s Bank in Singapore to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Washington DC. Lately, MTN Communications Nigeria and MTN Irancell in the Islamic Republic of Iran have joined the list of satisfied Hardcat clients.

Hardcat today continues to invest heavily in new product development, ensuring we remain at the cutting-edge of software innovation. We are making fixed asset management more and more convenient and accessible, whether through hand-held computing devices, web-based user interfaces, or Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Whatever your field of operation, you can rely on Hardcat to provide you with the best possible solution to your fixed asset management needs.

As our business partner, Hardcat Pty Ltd. has been highly supportive and responsive to the drive of AIMS towards getting wide acceptance for the product in Nigeria. As the sole representative of the product in Nigeria, we encourage more agents around the country to partner with us as resellers towards expanding the use of Hardcat in the country.