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Our experienced expert consultant handle all aspects of the implementation of Hardcat software after purchase. These services are detailed below.
A systematic approach based on definition of Asset Type structure to reflect reporting requirements and logical groupings (it may also reflect General Ledger reporting at the highest level), products/components, descriptions, locations, cost centers, people, etc, prior to data capture/audit to ensure consistency and accuracy. Our expert project staff with many years of experience, are able to anticipate all potential problems and advice on the best possible project configuration.
Data Clean-up & Conversion
No matter the state of your existing asset register, our experienced experts will clean them up and convert them into formats that are compatible with Hardcat configuration. Aggregated and hybrid asset records will be broken down effortlessly before any data upload.
We train users of Hardcat Fixed Asset Management software and system administrators to understand and appreciate the full features and functionalities of the software. We also offer training on the application of barcoding technology (scanners, labels and software) and data handling processes.
Interface Development
Hardcat Fixed Asset Management software generates Depreciation, Additions and Disposal Journals for import into the client's General Ledger system. Typically, these Journals are created as ASCII text files in either Comma Separated Values (CSV) or Fixed Columns format. We are able to develop customized interface programs which can reformat the layout of the original text files into other user-defined formats specified by the client's peculiar General Ledger system. Our interface program can also plug directly into Hardcat's database to extract the Journal transaction records for automatic posting into the client's General Ledger system with strict adherence to the governing security policy.

Asset Inventory / Audit Services

Asset audits, without the right tools and the right skills, can be a costly, time consuming and ultimately unproductive exercise. However, they are vital to the efficient operation of any organization. Before you commit any resource to your next audit, let us offer you the benefit of our experience in fixed asset management services based on state-of-the-art technology.
Data Capture
AIMS Data capture services ensure quality results and customer satisfaction in a timely manner and within budget. With our experience in inventorying huge volumes of assets of all types nationwide, we guarantee that our clients will have the appropriate data in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Our Data Capture teams are trained and experienced in all aspects of performing a physical inventory using barcoded and non-barcoded technology, employing tested procedures for room inventory and assessment, systematic searching to avoid missing assets, and other tools and methods to collect accurate asset details (asset number, description, model, serial number, purchase order, supplier name, manufacturer, date of purchase, cheque number, cheque issue date, asset group/classification identification, etc), geographic details (location and other geographic details as specified by the client, application of location barcodes for future reconciliation audits and tracking MAC's - Moves, Adds and Changes).
Verification and Valuation
After assets have been identified, AIMS will research the historical costs for any assets in cooperation with the client's Finance and/or Purchasing Departments. AIMS can appraise the items and determine an appropriate historical cost to be depreciated based on the asset's age.
AIMS consultants will perform the reconciliation between the client's old asset register and assets recorded during the Fixed Asset inventory project. Assets can be matched by Serial Number and then by location and by Asset Name.